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November, 2022 Amendement 1

Florida Amendment 1 FAQs 2022 - Statute Links

November, 2016 Amendments

On November 8, 2016, Florida voters approved several constitutional and statutory amendments that affect exemptions for seniors, first responders, homestead property, deployed servicemembers, land used for conservation, and the taxable status of solar or renewable energy source devices in Florida. The amendments create new opportunities for taxpayers to obtain tax relief or expand existing exemptions. For more information, see 2016 Legislation Information.

2016 Ballot Initiatives/Amendments

November, 2012 Amendments

On November 6, 2012, Florida voters approved three constitutional amendments that affect exemptions for first responders, seniors, veterans and homestead property in Florida. Here is a link to the State of Florida, Department of Revenue’s latest information on those amendments. Keep checking back on our site; as we get more information we will pass it on to you.

2012 Ballot Initiatives/Amendments

November, 2008 Amendments

2008 Ballot Initiatives/Amendments

January, 2008 Amendments

On January 29th, the citizens of Florida voted on and approved a number of changes to the property tax system.

The Constitutional Amendment created new opportunities for taxpayers to obtain tax relief:

  1. Increased homestead exemption

    The additional exemption of up to $25,000 will apply to all levies except those by school districts and other assessments for special benefits, and first applies to the January 1, 2008 Tax Roll.

    This additional exemption applies only if the assessed value of the property exceeds $50,000, and it will apply to the amount by which the value exceeds $50,000, up to a total additional exemption of $25,000 (that is, exempting the assessed value between $50,000 and $75,000).

    No further application would be necessary for those who are currently receiving the homestead exemption and qualify for the additional exemption amount.

    To receive benefit: Homeowners that are currently receiving the homestead exemption and qualify will automatically receive the increased homestead exemption. No action is necessary.

  2. Portability of "Save our Homes" benefit

    If you have an existing Florida homestead and you buy or move to a new home and make it your homestead, some or all of the difference between your old homestead's assessed value and its market value may be applied to the assessment of your new home.

    To receive benefit: If you received the Homestead Exemption on a home that you sold or no longer claim as your homestead and have purchased or moved into a new home, you may be eligible to take some or all of the benefit of "Save our Homes" to your new home. In order to transfer the “Save Our Homes” benefit to your new homestead, you must apply for Homestead Exemption as well as Portability on your new home. You can apply online, by mail, or in person.

    Examples, Forms and Instructions

  3. 10% annual assessment limitation for non-homestead property

    The amendment makes an assessment cap available to owners of certain non-homesteaded real property. This exemption limits the increase in assessed value of the property to 10% per year for levies of all taxing authorities other than school districts.

    No application is required. The 10% cap is removed at the time an ownership change occurs. Please contact the property appraiser if you have any questions.

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